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RCI Points Resort Near London In England

The single biggest and most important factor on buying any RCI Points weeks for RCI points is what are the yearly resort management fees of the week and just as important, what is the track record of the resorts and its management?

That management fee every year is the cost of all your future vacations taken with RCI Points. For instance if you have a week worth say 38,000 points and it has a management fee of CAD$340, then each vacation at 38,000 points is costing you just CAD$340, buy two weeks the same and you have a management fee of CAD$680 and if you used that for two weeks vacation, each week is costing CAD$340. It’s also important to know that the resort is owner controlled and run and not in the hands of a developer that wants a cut of the yearly fees. We can guide you to good ownerships that also have a returns policy – a no cost exit plan if you wish to withdraw in future years and don’t want to resell.

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